Case Study

Kluk Custom Calls

Services Provided

Website Design
Ad Creative & Testing
Paid Media
Kluk Custom Calls product photo holding turkey calls

Background & Objectives

Kluk Custom Calls, a turkey calling company, turned to Thalia Street Digital to help push their business to the next level. The primary goal was to increase sales during their peak, spring season, with a secondary goal of increasing brand awareness. They also needed help establishing some key foundations for their digital success, including an updated website design and digital tracking, analytics, and reporting to measure success.


  • Website Redesign. The website was redesigned with a new look and updated content to ensure a more streamlined experience for users.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Additional content, including blogs, was added to the site to increase search engine optimization (SEO) visibility. With additional SEO optimizations made, Kluk Custom Calls was visible on page 1 within the first 30 days.

  • Paid Media & Analytic Setup. A Meta Business Manager and Google Ads account was established, including robust tracking and analytics, allowing for better reporting and audience creation. Without tracking before, it was unclear how previously paid media efforts performed.

  • Paid Media Ad Campaigns. Paid media ads were launched across Google Search, YouTube, and Meta (Facebook/Instagram), focused on reaching users who align with turkey hunting, those who have interacted with the website, lookalike audiences utilizing email lists and website data, and remarketing. Leveraging continued testing of targeting, placements, and creative, campaigns were optimized over time to get the right messages, to the right users, and also in the right places. By utilizing paid media, Kluk Custom Calls surpassed sales for products that were not best sellers previously, and scaled their sales 8X, with up to 6X return on ad spend.


The implemented tracking allowed for visibility into how ALL business efforts were performing, which allowed for metric benchmarking and continued strategy and optimization, including forecasting for the continued growth ahead.

500%Increase In Sales YoY
800%Increase In Website Visits YoY
Top 6First Page Organic Ranking

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